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The Pilgrim Holiness Friendly Society as it was first called was started by Mr. Neville O. Badenock as he was the visionary behind the establishment of the Credit Union. His home served as the temporary office for the Credit Union and provided storage for the safe keeping of the Credit Union’s documents and records.  He along with a few other goodly men started to meet on Saturdays at the Carrington’s Wesleyan Holiness Church basement to learn about Credit Unionism.  It was there that the Credit Union started to create real roots until the Wesleyan Holiness Co-operative Credit Union Ltd acquired its office in Bank Hall, where it currently exists today.

The Wesleyan Holiness Co-operative Credit Union Ltd was registered on January 10th, 1980.  In 2007 the building which houses the Wesleyan Holiness Credit Union was renamed the “Neville O. Badenock Building” in recognition of the work which Mr. Badenock did for this Credit Union.